February 21, 2012

Prague Astronomical Clock

The Prague Astronomical Clock or Prague Orloj is a medieval astronomical clock located in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. The clock was first installed in 1410, making it the third-oldest astronomical clock in the world and the oldest one still working. The card was sent to me from Taiwan by someone who had travelled to Czech Republic.

The Orloj is mounted on the southern wall of Old Town City Hall in the Old Town Square. The clock mechanism itself is composed of three main components:
- The walk of the Apostles, a clockwork hourly show of figures of the Apostles and other moving sculptures
- the astronomical dial, representing the position of the Sun and Moon in the sky and displaying various astronomical details.
- a calendar dial with medallions representing the months.

Distance: 9,565 km (5,943 miles)
Travel time: 10 days

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