February 08, 2012

View at Dvina River and Verhny (Upper) Castle

An amazing card from Polatsk, a historical city in Belarus, situated on the Dvina river.

Back of the card:
View at Dvina River and Verhny (Upper) Castle from a bird's eye view
In the XI century the fortified centre of Polatsk (detinets) was established on a natural height on the right bank of Dvina River near Palota River's inflow. The wooden walled Verhny (Upper) Castle (with square 9.44 ha) with nine towers became the heart of publick, political, cultural and religious life for people of Polatsk. It was here the Polotsk veche (popular assembly) gathered, the St Sophia with rich library and the city's seal and the Duke's residence all have been situated. Because of this castle on Dzvina River people of Polatsk were in control of one of the region's major waterways and thus established good trade relations with Baltic and Scandinavian States as well as with the Western Europe.

Distance: 1,680 km (1,044 miles)
Travel time: 12 days

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