May 04, 2012

Köln am Rhein

A beautiful panorama of Cologne, located on both sides of the Rhine River.

Cologne is a major cultural centre of the Rhineland and has a vibrant arts scene. Cologne is home to more than 30 museums and hundreds of galleries. Exhibitions range from local ancient Roman archeological sites to contemporary graphics and sculpture.

Back of the card: Der Dom überragt die weltoffene Rheinmetropole Köln mit ihren unzähligen kulturhistorischen Schätzen, mit ihren wellbekannten museen und ihrer aktiven kunst-szene. Berühmt sind der Kölner karneval sowie das bier 'kolsch' - ausgeschenkt in vielen typischen kneipen und brauhäusern.

Translation: The cathedral overlooks the cosmopolitan Rhine metropolis Cologne with its many cultural and historical treasures, with its well-known museums and active art-scene. Famous for the Cologne carnival and the beer 'Kolsch' - served in many typical pubs and brewing houses.

Distance: 195 km (121 miles)
Travel time: 7 days

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