August 08, 2012

National Farmers Memorial

Surrounded by flags from all fifty states, the National Farmers Memorial is located at the entrance of the Agricultural Hall of Fame and National Center, Bonner Springs, Kansas, 18 miles west of Kansas City. The open air pavilion displays three huge bronze and steel American Farmer Sculptures, "past, present, and future", (11 x 33 feet) by nationally known artist Lewis Watkins.

Thanks Ron for this interesting postcard!


  1. The NATIONAL FARMERS' MEMORIAL WAS PRESENTED TO THE NATIONAL AGRICULTURAL HALL OF FAME BY THE AMERICAN IDEALS FOUNDATION, INC.501 (c)3. Robert A. Moffa was the founder of the foundation and the originator of The National Farmers' Memorial. Sen.Robert Dole presented the plan to the U.S.Congress where it was accepted and recorded in the 99th CONGRESSIONAL RECORD. The Building, Sculpture by Watkins combined with the Orchestral music by Moffa COMPLETE the "NATIONAL FARMERS' MEMORIAL". M.C. PRES. A.I.F., FL.

  2. The Post Card of the NATIONAL FARMERS' MEMORIAL above is fantastic! Thank You!